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How to Hire a Good Mover

May 27th, 2013 7:24 am

When it comes to moving, hiring good movers might be an overwhelming task for anyone. With so many movers and packagers available in the market, one might find it difficult to choose the right one. If you want to make your moving experience easier and smoother, here are a few things to keep in mind when you interview prospective movers:

Ask around for a recommendation: If you have family or friends who have recently moved and chose to go with a moving company, ask them how their company was. If they gave a positive review for a certain company, you should definitely be looking towards that direction. However, don’t make that your one choice, still look around at your other options. There’s no guarantee that you’ll feel the same as them about that certain company.

Research: Just don’t stick to one or a few options, research various companies and speak many of their representatives. Researching multiple companies is vital to your ability to find the best company for you. By doing solid research beforehand, you can also avoid scams, overspending and wasting time with a less reputable company. To get started on your research, search on the Internet as well as in your local phone book. You could also ask your real estate representative to give you some reputable moving companies.

Choose a local company, unless you’re moving far away: To save some money, choose a local company if you can. If you choose a local company, typically charge an hourly rate for a truck and crew. If you’re moving farther away, you may want to consider on hiring a company from your new location or old one, but keep in mind that they would typically start charging mileage (or kilometres if Canada) and potentially on weight as well.

Cheap doesn’t mean best: Going with a cheap company doesn’t you’re getting a better deal. These companies can have poor service and/or incur charges on you later. There’s also the risk of running into fraudulent companies.

Get the quote /estimate after inspection: A company should never give you an upfront quote or price without looking at your belongings first. If they do this over the phone, hang up and don’t even consider hiring that company. They should come to your home first to inspect your belongings and the distance from your old place to your new one, and then they should be able to provide you a quote.

Check your insurance: Call up your insurance company and see if you have coverage in the event that there is an accident. Also ask the moving company if they offer liability coverage. Remember, if you pack things yourself and there is an accident that way, then the moving company will not be responsible for any damage.

It’s never a bad idea to ask your real estate professional on what to look for when hiring a moving company. Making sure you find a reputable home mover will make your home moving experience a lot more easy and smooth.

Guide to Short-term Apartment Rentals

March 11th, 2013 6:58 am

Today’s economic climate has forced more people than usual to be very mobile to find a suitable job. Many companies have also changed their working patterns meaning that their employees have to move to another site to cover any job shortages. Tenants need to find somewhere quickly with everything included for them to move in so they can start work straight away. Signing a month-to-month, three month, or six month lease gives renters the opportunity to visit a location for whatever reason they need without worrying about making a commitment which exceeds their personal goals. In many cases, units are available fully furnished, and this simplifies the live itself. Rather than devoting an entire weekend to the tedious act of hauling furniture and a host of other items across town or across the country, lessees may manage to move in with as little as a couple of suitcases and without the headache they may otherwise be nursing.

Many specialist letting agencies specialize in short-term lets allowing tenants who need somewhere fast and with everything included. This type of apartment is normally furnished to an excellent standard so you only need to take a suitcase with your clothes.

When you have to move to a new area or city, do lots of research on the Internet to find the best area for you. It could be a city center let will suit you better, as this may be close to the workplace and amenities, or slightly further away but with good transport links. Whichever you decide, make sure you look at all the costs to make sure you stay within budget.

After you have decided on a specific area, start looking at the agencies online and narrow any searches to only include the area you want. View the apartments and when you find the one you want, find out what the costs are. Shorter lets tend to have less restrictions than longer term tenancies. If you are planning to stay for a slightly longer period, see if you can negotiate a lower rental as the landlord will have a guaranteed rental.

A growing area of this rental sector is company lets. These generally operate in the same way as private lets, but the company is letting the apartment for its employees. There is a lot of competition between agencies and large companies making sure that the company will always get the best deals. Company lets are a lot more attractive to employees, as they have a lot more freedom than staying in an equivalent hotel.

Many specialist agencies work closely with large companies needing shorter lets and nurture a good working relationship. This is a great help to a large company, as they can concentrate on their business and leave the property side of things to the agency.

Leisure travelers can often find short-term lets useful, as the apartment will be fully furnished, with well fitted kitchens which saves money by not having to eat out every night. Normally all extra charges will be included in the rental price, just leaving the leisure traveler to pay one fee.

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