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Listing Your Home With An Agent

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

A real estate agent can be a useful tool when selling your home. They can also aid you in purchasing a new home to move into. When you list your home with an agent, you want to be certain that you understand what their responsibilities are so that you can aid them in selling your home. The real estate agent is responsible for listing your home and marketing it to the general public. They will negotiate the property on your behalf and can offer you advice on everything from setting a good price to staging the home to entertaining offers. An agent will list the home on the MLS, do your paperwork and complete the process of closing. For this service you agree in the Listing Agreement contract that you will compensate the agent with a certain amount of percentage in the form of commission if they bring you a buyer. The commission is provided to the agent during the process of closing on the home.

The MLS is a great tool that real estate agents have. This is a database that in on the Internet and has thousands of properties that are listed for sale. These are not only properties in your area but all over the country. A good agent will scan the database to find listings that will meet your needs. When you list your property on the MLS you are essentially making your home available to buyers and agents across the entire country. Many individuals will be relocating to new and different cities, this allows them and their agents to find homes that are in the area and for sale. Your home could be on their list of houses to look at it if your home is on the MLS. Your agent may also be able to find you a new home as well by using this database.

It is possible to sell your home without an agent, but you are taking a great deal of stress upon yourself by doing so. Only 20% of homes are sold without an agent. This is because you are not able to get your home listed on the MLS without an agent. You are also responsible for all of your marketing, paperwork and home showings. Most homes that are bought are found on the MLS. There are not many agents who will browse the newspaper looking for homes for sale. This means that your house could be missed if you are only able to list in the newspaper, because the wide majority of buyers will use real estate agents to find them homes to look at and those homes are found on the MLS.

Locating Bangkok Income Property

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

The exotic country of Thailand has recently become the fastest developing nation in Southeast Asia. Thailand’s tourism opportunities are being strongly promoted on a global scale, attracting millions of visitors and investors every year. Although the country is not yet open to full foreign ownership of real estate, investors are completely aware of the incredible business opportunities Thailand has to offer. With the country’s booming economy, investors are more and more interested in finding Bangkok retail space for rent. Forbest Properties is the leading real estate brokerage firm in Bangkok, offering excellent deals on prime Bangkok income property.

The city of Bangkok is ideally located to host western businesses. With a population of over 7 million and a massive local economy, Bangkok is predicted to continue developing at an incredible rate. Many foreign investors are looking for Bangkok retail space for rent as it presents a great deal of promise in the current economy. Forbest Property, Bangkok’s leading real estate brokerage company, offers assistance in locating exceptional Bangkok income property.

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